Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket to one of our tours you confirm that you have read, understood and accept the following terms and conditions:


If we, acting reasonably, are not completely satisfied that it is practicable and safe for you or anyone in your group to participate in the tour, we may refuse to allow you or any of your group booked to participate in one of our tours. Before you make any booking you must tell us if you or any of the participants in your booking suffer from any illness, disease or other mobility or medical condition which may make it impracticable or unsafe for you or other participants in your group to participate in the tour. All clients must complete prior to our tour our waiver form.

All tours carry a degree of risk and by participating in the tour provided by us you are expressly assuming those risks personally and are, To the extent permitted by law, releasing us and our officers and employees from any liability, claims, losses, damages or expenses caused by any event, including, but not limited to: personal injury or death, property loss or damage, acts which may be construed as negligent or accidental, any other loss, damage, suffering, emotional or nervous disorder

  • This exclusion is subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993


To ensure maximum safety and enjoyment of our tours by yourself and others you must follow all reasonable instructions given by our staff before, during and after the tour and you agree that you will ensure that any children in your care do the same. You are responsible for the safety and protection of your own personal possessions at all times.

Even if you have a booking, we may refuse to allow you to participate if we reasonably believe that allowing you on our tour may put the safety or health of any person on the tour in danger or at risk, or if you have not obeyed the instructions of our staff or a member of the crew to safety or security, or if you require special assistance and you have not previously made arrangements for such assistance, or if you are drunk or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or we reasonably believe you are in unlawful possession of drugs. 


We do not guarantee that your tour will take place on the day or at the scheduled time. Schedules may change without notice for a variety of reasons including, but not limited, to bad weather, sea conditions and natural disaster warnings. Scheduled times do not form part of your contract with us.

We reserve the right to cancel or change or suspend a tour at any time in the interests of our clients safety. Weather and sea conditions can change quickly and this may alter the status of your tour at any time.

Check in Deadline

Check-in deadlines apply and may be strictly enforced. To help us get your tour away on time, ensure you are at our facility by the time specified. You will not be able to check-in after the check-in deadline. Arrival after the check-in deadline may result in you not been able to do your tour and been charged 20% of the cost of your booking. We are not liable to you for any direct or indirect loss or damage you may suffer as a result of your late arrival at check in.


By purchasing a tour ticket you are saying that you understand and accept the above terms and conditions and also that you:

(1)    In agreeing to these terms and conditions you release, waive and hold harmless to the maximum extent permitted by law - Ocean 1 Expeditions (NZ) Ltd T/A Dive Tatapouri, its officers and/or its employees from all claims, losses, damages or expenses including legal costs that may be incurred during or in conjunction with your participation in the Reef Ecology Tour.  You also indemnify Ocean 1 Expeditions (NZ) Ltd T/A Dive Tatapouri, its officers and/or its employees against all claims, loses, damages or expenses including legal costs that any of my quests or any one or more of my or their executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors or assignees may have or assert against Ocean 1 Expeditions (NZ) Ltd T/A Dive Tatapouri as a result of my participation in the Reef Ecology Tour.

(2)    consent to receive medical treatment in the case of injury, accident or illness during the tour and to indemnify us against any claims in respect of this treatment;

(3)    agree that any photographs, films, sound, video or other recordings taken of events or people by anyone during the tour will not be used in any promotion or advertising without our consent, however, we may use such images or recordings at our complete discretion without any prior approval;

(4)    confirm that the email address you have provided belongs to you and that you are authorised to use it and that you consent to us sending to you, from time to time and until such time as you unsubscribe, marketing information (including surveys) in relation to our business and your experience with us;

(5)    agree that this Agreement is governed by New Zealand law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.