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Our most frequently asked questions are listed below, with all the answers to match!

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  • Do we get a refund if the tour is cancelled?

    We ask for a credit card at the time of booking online however we do not take the payment from the card until the time of check in. If you do not advise us of cancellation you will be charged as per our full terms and conditions.

  • What is the requirement for mobility?

    You are walking over an uneven reef in waders (we do provide a bamboo stick to use to help with stability) and then you will need to stand in up to knee depth water for up to an hour.

  • Can children do the tour?

    Yes the tour is suitable for all ages however children under 5yrs may have to be carried and/or go on the banana boat depending on the depth of the tide on the day. One of the parents will need to help with the banana boat.

  • How long is the tour?

    We say to allow an hour to an hour and a half including the check in process.

  • Are tours run all day?

    No we can only do our tours around the low tides daily weather and sea conditions permitting

  • What footwear do we need?

    We provide waders they are a all in one with the gumboots attached to them and come up to your chest. The largest available are size 18 waist and size 13 NZ shoe size. Bring socks to wear inside them. If you are unable to fit into the waders we do have booties available but expect to get wet to at least your knees. Please see our sizing chart:

    Dive Tatapouri Wader Size Chart
  • What should we wear?

    Wear your normal clothing as the waders are put on over the top, make sure to dress for the days conditions and throw a waterproof/ wind proof / warm jacket in the car incase as sometimes conditions are different at the beach. Also make sure to pack sunscreen and a sun hat or warm hat on cold days.

  • Is this a boat tour?

    No this is a walk onto the reef at low tide with our experienced guides.

  • Go with an open mind and you will be amazed! We didn’t know what to expect but were advised not to miss it... glad we didn’t drive past! You have to go at certain times to be on the right tide but worth waiting around for! The guides are knowledgeable and fun :)  ”

    Charlie Harrison

  • We went to Dive Tatapouri in March 2019 and it was absolutely fantastic. We got to see stingrays for around 45 minutes. The staff were fantastic and really helped us all get the best experience. All equipment/clothing was provided and we even got morning tea provided afterward. I highly recommend this experience - I don't know anywhere else in the world that does it.”

    Julie Jay

  • Took UK visitors to this attraction. Rustic I would say in the nicest way as that is part of the charm. There were three of us and a school group came along a little later. A suitable safety brief was given and waders were supplied. A short walk out but there is a banana boat available for those who may find walking difficult. The guides have plenty of knowledge and shared it with us. The kingfish and stingrays swam right up to, around and behind us, and even between our legs. Great attraction.”


  • What a great experience, to walk on the reef with stingrays and kingfish swimming about. Thanks to all the crew for making us feel welcome. Your knowledge of the marine creatures and habitat outside your door was appreciated. All necessary gear provided. Delicious morning tea. Beautiful surrounds. Could not have asked for anything more.”

    Morgen A