Environmental Policy

As Kaitiaki (guardians) of our piece of the East Coast we endeavor to ensure that we have little impact on the Moana (sea) and the mammals and sea life we interact with. The sea life we interact with is not endangered or currently protected under any New Zealand Marine Laws however we want to continue to educate people in regards to the long term sustainability of the sea life we meet on the Reef. We adhere to the local tikanga (practices) that have been followed by ancestors before us and treat all the marine animals that come to say hello as a gift - nga tamariki o tangaroa (the children of god of the sea)

Current Policies include

  • Educate visitors on environmental and cultural issues within our experience
  • Encourage Recycling by our visitors whilst onsite
  • Do regular Beach clean ups at Tatapouri
  • Maintain a safe working environment for both staff and our visitors adhering to our Health and Safety policies
  • Comply with Qualmark Assessments and continue to maintain status or improve our current standards and status
  • Work with the Department of Conservation and other agencies to protect the species on our tour and in Tatapouri
  • Blue Penguin conservation and habitat -  building habitat and predator trapping
  • Investigate and research any ideas generated by our staff around environmental performance
  • Follows Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure Campaign and Tiaki