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Kia Ora Feb Issue

Kai Ora Feb Issue

What Kia ora had to say about our Reef Ecology Tour

"Rays of Sunshine

Stingrays are said to tell people apart by heartbeat - they get to know the humans they can trust and can seemingly sense who is ill-intentioned.  Nina Kwak of Dive Tatapouri says the rays that use the Tatapouri Reef as a nursery have been known to shun a tourist who has been rude to a guide, 

Although known for their barbs, rays are placid creatures that enjoy human company. They like to have silt and sand brushed off their skin, a job they can't do themselves.

In this peaceful bay, a 10 minute drive from the city, you can experience a unique encounter with stingrays and eagle rays.  Each is known to staff by name but Pancake, who can push people over with her playful exuberance is the star attraction.  She attaches herself to Kwak like a loyal pup begging for attention,  Visitors lean on bamboo sticks as the rays cruise past and even people who where initially timid are soon leaning down, sweeping fingers over the ray's backs.

Like so much that Tairwahiti Gisborne has to offer this magical experience is not widely known outside of the region - and there's nothing else quite like it in the world"




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