Reef Ecology Tour

Our interactive Reef Ecology tour is famous for its interaction with Wild Stingrays and is one of the most popular and unique things to do in New Zealand. Our knowledge guides will walk you across the reef to meet the Tamariki (Children) of Tangaroa the Maori God of the sea. Whilst meeting the residents of the reef our guides will provide insightful information about the different species you may encounter.

Once you’ve been kitted out in our designer waders, you’ll embark on a reef tour at low tide with our experienced guides.

During your Reef  Ecology tour, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and interact with the natural inhabitants of Tatapouri under the guidance of our guides.


What to Expect from our Reef Tour?

The Reef Ecology tour is a walk over the reef at low tide, you are kitted out in waders to keep you dry.  When arriving at the drop off (similar to scenes from the movie Finding Nemo) you stand in the water whilst our resident Short Tail Stingrays and Eagle Ray Stingrays and other reef dwellers swim around at your feet.  Let Pancake and Waffle two of our Short Tail stingrays sit on your feet and wait for a gentle stroke, hard to imagine that Stingrays are perceived to be dangerous.

During the Reef Ecology tour, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and interact with the Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Kingfish and other reef dwellers under the guidance our guides. The guides will provide information about the local inhabitants who live on the reef.  The marine life on our reef is not enclosed all animals are free to come and go.

You’ll also learn about local legends of Tairawhiti Gisborne and gain an insight into some of the methods once used by Maori to manage their natural resource.




Who should go on our interactive reef tour?

Dive Tatapouri’s reef tour is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Gisborne, New Zealand.
This popular tourist attraction is suitable for all ages and large groups can be accommodated by prior arrangement. Our Reef Ecology Tour is one of the top Gisborne NZ things to do so we recommend booking in so you are not disappointed if we are unable to accommodate your group.
As well as tourists and anyone interested in the stunning marine life at Tatapouri Bay, the Reef Ecology Tour is ideal for school excursions and team building days. Children are welcome and we do have a banana boat that the children can ride on and be pulled over the reef. They can get off and interact with the Stingrays however all participants including adults must follow our guide’s instructions at all times this is to safe guard our marine life and also our humans.


Reef Ecology Tour - Essential Information

• Our reef tours are suitable for all ages.
• Bookings are essential – our reef tours are popular!and are run around the low tides daily.
• Waders are provided by Dive Tatapouri please note our waders only go to shoe size 13 and waist size 18.
• Reef tour times depend on tides and weather and sea conditions.
• Allow up to an hour and half for the Reef Ecology Tour including check in.
• Large groups can be accommodated by prior arrangement.
• Pack your waterproof camera – you’ll need it!

All tours run from our beachfront location 15mins drive from the city of Tairawhiti Gisborne
Not suitable for people with limited mobility (check with us if you are unsure)




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